“To encourage responsible breeding and ownership of the Chart (pronounced “Hart”) Polski Sight Hound”


We (David and Heather Grigg) had just lost our family “mixed breed” dog – Bandit – that we had had for 13 years. Karen, David’s sister, owns Legendheir Kennels. Karen owns and breeds Shelties, Bearded Collies and Chart Polski’s. She had Leo and his brother, Drake. “The boys” were reaching puberty and it was time for one of them to make his own way in the world. Drake and Karen were inseperable so we offered to take Leo on a trial basis to see if we could all become a family – and the rest is history!

Karen continued to show Leo after he came to live with us. Leo’s many wins along with our learning more about the breed, it’s rarity – (estimated 300 pure breds world wide) convinced us to be involved in the responsible promotion and propagation of the breed. Once we decided to go down that route – ALL HART Kennels was born.


As Leo’s show successes began piling up, we decided we better start looking for a female companion! Through Pat Snyder of Tesouro Kennels, we were able to connect with Sirpa Järvinen, a CHART lover and breeder in Finland. We imported one of Sirpa’s females, Pola to live with Karen in January 2000 at the age of seven months. She joined Leo on the show circuit. Karen is the experienced one that usually handles Leo at shows but since we recently acquired “Pola” others in the family are starting to step into the ring to help out.

Heather and Lacey We then had the opportunity to import Lacey in September 2000 – again from Finland but a different breeder and pedigree.

Our “business plan” calls for the import of another male later this year – hopefully from Poland. He would live with Karen – that way we would each have a male & female – all from different bloodlines.



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